Both affordable phones, HTC Legend and Huawei U7510 are now available in Indian market. The HTC Legend is basically an improved HTC Hero phone, which comes with Android 2.1 OS.

The HTC Legend handset has an aluminum enclosure, an optical trackpad, an HVGA AMOLED touchscreen display, Wi-Fi connectivity, a 5MP camera with flash, and GPS. Meanwhile, the Huawei U7510 phone has brings a QVGA touchscreen display, Bluetooth, a BrewMP processor (like the HTC Smart), a stereo FM radio, a 2MP camera, an MP3 player, a 100MB of internal memory, and a microSD card slot.

The HTC Legend phone is cost at 26,500 INR (about $592), while the Huawei U7510 phone has priced at 6,500 INR (about $145).

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